Financial Aid

PhD Program - Integrative Physiology & Molecular Medicine (IPMM) Doctoral Program:
PhD students in the IPMM Doctoral Program receive stipend support in the form of fellowships or research assistantships that do not require teaching. Full tuition waivers are also provided, and the cost of health insurance and other mandatory university fees are covered.  To compare how the cost of living in Omaha may compare to where you currently live, try looking online at one of these cost of living calculators: Option 1 or Option 2.

After the first year, IPMM students are encouraged to seek outside sources of stipend support by applying for fellowships, assistantships and grants.  Students that obtain a federal or extramural foundation fellowship/assistantship are eligible to receive an annual stipend supplement of up to 25% of the current level of support.

Living and Housing Costs
UNMC has limited on-campus housing and there are a variety of apartment complexes found within walking distance of campus.  Within a short driving distance there is a wide variety of housing options available in a range of prices; the average cost of monthly rent is $500 to $700 for a single bedroom apartment.  As UNMC graduate students, IPMM students have access to the Center for Healthy Living, UNMC's fitness center with gym, weight room and other resources.

Additional financial aid options available to domestic students.

MS Program - Master of Science in Medical Physiology (MEP) Program:
MS Students in the MEP program are not eligible for graduate assistantships or UNMC fellowships.