Admissions Requirements

Tyler Kambis Students applying to the Master of Science in Medical Physiology Program will be required to follow the formal procedures established for admission to graduate programs at the UNMC.

Admission to the MS in Medical Physiology Program requires a Bachelor's degree, preferably in a science-related field, from an accredited undergraduate institution with a recommended minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale.  Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended and three (3) letters of recommendation are also required. It is recommended that students should have completed the following undergraduate courses (or their equivalents): biochemistry; calculus; physics; 2 semesters of biology. A one-page personal statement describing the applicant’s career goals and interests in the field of physiology is required. The GRE is not required. However, if an applicant chooses to submit GRE scores, the scores will be considered during the application review.

The MS in Medical Physiology Program Committee renders admissions decisions based on all information submitted as part of the application process. No single factor has overriding impact on this decision; rather, students are selected for admission on the basis of composite science and math GPA, overall undergraduate GPA, GRE scores (if provided), letters of recommendation, and the personal statement.