MS Medical Physiology Curriculum: 

The 30-credit hour, non-thesis, distance learning-only MS in Medical Physiology program is designed to be completed in two consecutive academic semesters (i.e. 9 months) by full-time students. Part-time students will be allowed to complete the MS in Medical Physiology degree over a maximum of five consecutive years.  To receive the MS degree, students are required to pass a Comprehensive Exam and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA on the required curriculum.  The program consists of the following online courses:

Fall Semester 
Course Number and Name * Credit Hours
 MEP 803: Cell Physiology & Signaling 3 credit hours
 MEP 806: Medical Physiology 7 credit hours
 MEP 810: Basic Concepts in Scientific Writing 3 credit hours
 HPTT 801: Foundations in Health Professions Education 3 credit hours
Spring Semester 
Course Number and Name* Credit Hours
 BIOS 806: Biostatistics 3 credit hours
 MEP 807: Medical Pharmacology for the Physiologist 3 credit hours
 MEP 901: Advanced Topics in Physiology 2 credit hours
 MEP 916: Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Pathophysiology    3 credit hours
 HPTT 802: Instructional Design for Health Professions Education 3 credit hours
30 credit hours
*All courses are online  

Detailed information on each course can be found HERE