Yiannis Chatzizisis

Professor          Chatzizisis picture                                           
MD, PhD both at Aristotle University Medical School          
Specialty: Interventional Cardiology; Non-invasive Cardiovascular Imaging                       
Major Interests: Interventional cardiology, Bifurcation stenting, advanced
non-invasive cardiovascular imaging (MRI, CT), Vascular biology, Cardiovascular
simulations, Biomechanics
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I direct the Cardiovascular Biology and Biomechanics Laboratory, which is a venue of active collaboration among biomedical engineers, vascular biologists and MDs. We apply a unique translational approach that integrates mathematics, computational simulations, artificial intelligence, physiology and molecular biology to understand the role of local biomechanical factors in vascular biology of atherosclerosis, stent restenosis and thrombosis. Our multi-scale investigations extend from in-vitro cell cultures to small and large animal studies, as well as clinical trials. 

Our principal research interests include:


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