Yulong Li

Yulong LiAssociate Professor                                                                     
M.D. 1984, Hebei Medical University Ph.D. 1994, Hebei Medical University
Specialty: Cardiovascular- and Neuro-Physiology
Major Interest: Cellular and molecular mechanisms in neurohumoral regulation of cardiovascular function.
Curriculum Vitae

The goal of research in this laboratory is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for dysfunction of afferent and efferent ganglionic neurons in experimental diabetes and chronic heart failure (CHF). The arterial baroreflex is an important component of the body's neural cardiovascular control circuit. Baroreceptors and postganglionic neurons (including postganglionic sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons) serve as primary afferent and efferent limbs of the arterial baroreflex, respectively. Dysfunction of primary afferent and efferent limbs of the arterial baroreflex is likely to be involved in the blunted baroreflex sensitivity, and resultant impairment of cardiac contractility and rhythm stability observed in the diabetes and CHF states. The changes in baroreflex, endogenous substances (such as angiotensin II, nitric oxide, etc), oxidative stress (such as reactive oxygen species, ROS), chronic inflammation (such as inflammatory cytokines), neuronal function (such as cell membrane excitability and ion channel function), and cardiac function are investigated at the molecular, cell, organ and intact animal levels. 

Dr. Yulong Li Scheme

Recent Publications:

  1. Li YL, Zhang D, Tu H, Muelleman RL.  Altered ENaC Is Associated With Aortic Baroreceptor Dysfunction in Chronic Heart Failure.  Am J Hypertens. 2016 May; 29(5):582-9.   PMID: 26297031.
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  4. Zhang D, Liu J, Zheng H, Tu H, Muelleman RL, Li YL. Effect of angiotensin II on voltage-gated sodium currents in aortic baroreceptor neurons and arterial baroreflex sensitivity in heart failure rats. J Hypertens 2015; 33: 1401-1410. PMID:25827427
  5. Zhang D, Liu J, Tu H, Muelleman RL, Cornish KG, Li YL. In vivo transfection of manganese superoxide dismutase gene of nuclear factor κB shRNA in nodose ganglia improves aortic baroreceptor function in heart failure rats. Hypertension 2014; 63: 88-95. PMID: 2410166