Shyamal K. Roy

Shyamal K. RoyProfessor
PhD 1980, All-India Institute of Medical Sciences
Major interest: Reproductive Endocrinology
Specialty: Endocrine regulation of follicular development, growth factors, signal transduction in ovarian cells, and biochemistry of granulosa cells

Estrogen is a female reproductive hormone that regulates a variety of physiological processes.  Evidence indicates that estrogen stimulates the multiplication of granulosa cells that are present in ovarian follicles, and regulates their functions.  However, the mechanisms underlying the estrogen effects on granulosa cell functions remain unclear.  Similarly, despite sporadic information, the role of estrogen in regulating primordial follicle formation in mammals is not clearly understood.  Primordial follicles represent a finite pool of early follicles that provide follicles for ovulation throughout the reproductive life of a female.  A significant number of primordial follicles die during ovary development, and an early depletion of this pool leads to premature ovarian failure, and infertility due to ovarian causes.  Therefore, understanding the factors regulating the formation and development of primordial follicles and the mechanisms of such regulation may lead to improved therapeutic management of infertility.

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