Echo Facility
Echo Room

Echocardiography Imaging Facility

Director: Dr. Irving H. Zucker

Manager: Dr. Jim Grunkemeyer

The echocardiography imaging facility consists of an Acuson 512C echocardiograph and associated probes (3-5 MHz and 15 MHz linear array) and a Visual Sonics Vevo 770 and Vevo 2100 with probes up to 40 MHz and a resolution of 30 μm. This equipment is housed in the Department of Comparative Medicine in a dedicated suite. Rodent echos are obtained primarily on the Vevo equipment The Vevo systems also have injector rails for echo guided delivery into rodents. The core operates on a fee for service basis. Charges range from – to $50/hour dependent on technician involvement in echocardiographic analyses. These analyses range from simple 2D and M mode indices of cardiac function (EF, FS, dimensions, volumes, wall thickness, etc) to assessment of diastolic function (E/A) and pulsed Doppler flow.