Echo Facility

Echo Room

Echocardiography Imaging Facility

Director: Dr. Bryan T. Hackfort

The echocardiography imaging facility consists of an Acuson 512C echocardiograph and associated probes (3-5 MHz and 15 MHz linear array), a Visual Sonics Vevo 2100, and a Vevo 3100 with the LAZR-X. Each Vevo machine has probes up to 40 MHz and a resolution of 30 μm. This equipment is housed in the Department of Comparative Medicine in a dedicated suite. The Vevo systems also have injector rails for echo-guided delivery into rodents. Cardiovascular imaging ranges from simple 2D and M mode indices of cardiac function (EF, FS, dimensions, volumes, wall thickness, etc) to assessment of diastolic function (E/A) and pulsed Doppler flow, 4D imaging, and speckle tracking using Vevo Strain. We also offer longitudinal imaging of tumors with available 3D volumetric analysis. Photoacoustic imaging with the LAZR-X uses a laser in the ranges of 680 nm - 970 nm or 1200 nm – 2000 nm to excite a chromagen generating a mechanical signal picked up by ultrasound. This can be used to detect changes in oxygen saturation levels of hemoglobin or other chromagens (ICG, etc). Changes in flow can be monitored using non-linear contrast imaging and microbubbles.

The core operates on a fee for service basis. Charges range from $60 to $100/hour dependent on technician involvement in echocardiographic analyses.