The Compact between Postdoctoral Scholars and Faculty Mentors is a document developed at UNMC to initiate discussion about the Postdoctoral Scholar-Mentor relationships and obligations for a high quality postdoctoral training experience.

Obligations of a Postdoctoral Scholar

  1. Develops a mutually defined research project(s) with the mentor that includes well-defined goals. 
  2. Participates actively and conscientiously in a research project(s) outlined in discussion with the faculty.
  3. Seeks regular feedback on his/hers performance and participates in a formal evaluation by the mentor at least annually (via UNeVal online performance evaluation system).
  4. Develop an individual development plan (IDP).
  5. Exhibits good laboratory practice such as careful maintenance of research record and compliance with guidelines for biosafety and those involving animals and human subjects.
  6. Complies with UNMC policies and guidelines on scientific conduct, intellectual property, and laboratory practices.
  7. Maintains collegial conduct towards mentor and co-workers.
  8. Attends Orientation and mandatory Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) workshop in the first year. Attends career development workshops/seminars (i.e., grant-writing workshops, placement workshops and workshops.

Obligations of a Faculty Mentor

  1. Ensures that a mutually agreed upon set of expectations and goals are in place at the outset of the postdoctoral training.
  2. Provides adequate facilities, resources, and guidance to achieve the agreed upon goals of the postdoctoral scholar.
  3. Ensures timely submission of the scholar’s research for publication/presentation and that he/she gets appropriate credit
  4. Provides adequate guidance and mentoring in manuscript preparation and presentation of scientific work.
  5. Reviews scholar’s performance annually, in terms of research endeavor and career development (via UNeVal online performance evaluation system).
  6. Ensures that a scholar attends Orientation and mandatory Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) workshop in their first year.
  7. Encourages scholars to attend career development workshops/seminars.