Welcome to Our Newest Postdocs

New Postdocs, Spring 2021

Jun Ha Chang, Neurological Sciences

chang.jpgMy name is Jun Ha Chang and I came from South Korea. I got my PhD in Cognitive Psychology at University of Massachusetts Amherst and studied visual attention and visual working memory. I started my post-doc position at Mind and Brain Health Lab in Department of Neurological Sciences. I am interested in driving performance of people with chronic and neurodegenerative diseases, and how their performance is affected by environments and human factors.


Mohammad Ali Abbas, Neurological Sciences

Ali Abbas Hello everyone, I am Mohammad Zaidi and I am a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the department of Neuroscience. Presently, I am associated with Inner-ear development biology group working along with Dr. Sung-Ho Huh. I obtained my PhD degree in vertebrate neurodevelopment from IIT Kanpur, India.  My research interest lies in investigating the gene network regulating the developmental process of tissues and organs with special focus on morphogenesis. Besides, I am interested in travelling, exploring places, history and culture.

 Avinash Veerappa, Genetics Cell Biology & Anatomy

veerpa.jpgI completed my Ph.D. in Genetics from University of Mysore, followed by Postdoctoral research at New York University before arriving at UNMC. I am interested in the detection and classification of functional variation in humans conferring high disease risk. In the Guda Lab, I am focusing on the basis of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). I am using integrated OMICS approaches to identify genes important to SUD pathogenesis and to understand the genome landscape of SUDs.

 Nagabhishek Sirpu Natesh, Biochem and Molecular Biology

natesh.jpgI am Sirpu Natesh Nagabhishek joined recently under Dr. Satyanaryana Rachagani as a post-doctoral research associate in Department of Biochemistry and Molecular biology, UNMC. Basically, I hail from Bangalore India. I received my Ph.D. from Sathyabama Institute of science and technology Chennai India. During my Ph.D. I have worked on the natural molecule drug discovery (small molecules) and its application on breast cancer angiogenesis and have validated it through rat and zebra fish animal models. My research interests are - antiangiogenic therapies for cancer, understating the role of various MiRNA in cancer and its downstream signaling pathway elucidation.

 Murali Subramani, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Murali-Subramani-2.jpgMy name is Murali Subramani and I am a Postdoc in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. I earned my PhD in Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu India and my research interest in Stem Cell biology and Molecular biology.




Sabarinath Subramanian, Cellular/Integrative Physiology

subramanian.jpgI’m Sabarinath, a postdoc in Prof. Rebekah Gundry’s Lab in the Dept. of Cellular and Integrative Physiology. I did my PhD from Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum, India. My area of research is application of Glycomics and glycoproteomics to understand protein glycosylation and its role in cardiac diseases. I like to explore new places in and around the city and sports.


Vandana Singh, Pathology/Microbiology

This is Vandana Singh, Postdoc Research Associate in the lab of Dr. Scot Ouellette, Department of Pathology and Microbiology. I did my Ph. D. from CSIR- central Drug research Institute/JNU, New Delhi, India. My area of research is to probe the unique cell division components and mechanisms in Chlamydia (an unusual bacterium).

Anik Karan, Surgery-Transplant


Probal Basu, Biochem and Molecular Biology