Responsible Conduct in Research


The Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) facilitates UNMC’s dedication to the highest standards of research integrity and commitment to responsible and ethical conduct for everyone involved in research, including postdocs. The National Science Foundation requires training in the Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RCR) for all students and postdocs supported by NSF projects.

Therefore, freshman postdocs are required to complete an on-line course created and maintained by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) , a nationally-recognized source for research-related training, and complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) within three months of joining UNMC. Freshman postdocs also are required to attend the mandatory, all-day RCR workshop in the Fall.

NOTE: Reappointment is conditional on the completion of the CITI, IDP and RCR requirements.

Compliance tracking is managed completely via Canvas and eServ by our office. Once the office is notified of your start-date, these modules will be available via Canvas under the course "RCR." Once you upload your IDP and CITI gradebook into Canvas, our office will communicate with you regarding the date for the mandatory one-day RCR Workshop (the next one will be held in August 2019).

Below are the exact instructions to be compliant and be eligible for initial contract renewal:

(1) CITI training: An on-line course created and maintained by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), a nationally-recognized source for research-related training.  Within three months of joining UNMC, learners are required to complete 10 RCR modules (instructions here):

After completion of these 10 CITI modules, you will need to provide proof of completion by uploading the Gradebook into the Canvas RCR Course assignment. You must receive at least an 80% on each to pass.


(2) IDP Certificate is an auto-generated checklist indicating your current progress by completing each section of myIDP. No content you have entered into myIDP will be included in the certificate; this is simply a report on whether or not you completed each section.


The requirements to get a checkmark for each section are:

After you have discussed your IDP with your mentor, click on the box next to the final statement. Select Download and click Generate PDF to save a PDF of the certificate on your machine. You will upload this into the appropriate Canvas course assignment. Please note that neither myIDP nor AAAS will retain a record of this certificate.


(3) In-Person Training: The Office of Postdoctoral Education offers a mandatory RCR training workshop each fall - with the next one being held in August 2019. You only need to attend this once during your Postdoctoral career. If you took this as a graduate student, you MUST attend this again as a Postdoc.

Remember: Your contract renewal is conditional on completion of this RCR training session.

Other resources:

  1. UNMC Policy on Research Integrity
  2. The Belmont Report (
  3. On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research  (National Academies Press)
  4. Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research, ORI (HHS)(PDF)
  5. NPA website
  6. NSF website
  7. Update on the Requirement for instruction in RCR (NIH)
  8. US Department of Health & Human Services Office of Research Integrity (HHS-ORI)
  9. "The Lab" - an interactive movie on research misconduct!