Leave Policy

Fifteen days per year. Vacation time must be used during appointment period. No carry forward or pay out will be permitted. Individuals must be so advised in writing at the time the position offer is made. 

Holidays and Holiday Pay
Postdoctoral research associates or fellows receive the traditional and floating holidays off with pay. No carry forward or pay out will be permitted. 

Sick Leave
Postdoctoral research fellow is entitled to 15 days of paid sick leave per year. Postdoctoral research associate is eligible for sick leave based on the number of years of continuous appointment. One to two years, 96 hours are earned. Over two years, 1040 hours are earned.  Visit the Human Resources web site for further information. 

Parental or maternity Leave
Postdoctoral research fellows are entitled to 30 days of parental leave per year for the adoption or birth of a child. NIH must approve parental leave for individual fellowships. 

Unpaid Leave
Postdoctoral research fellows can request a leave of absence from NIH in advance. Under Individual fellowships, the award will be revised and extended by the number of months of leave requested. Under trainee programs, their appointments are terminated and upon return are re-appointed.