UNMC cannot give tax advice, but can direct you to tax resources. The Payroll Department can answer questions about pay you received. You are advised to seek a professional advisor with specific questions.

All scholars paid a salary (through the payroll system) must have on file in the UNMC Payroll Office a US Social Security Number (SSN) and an a W-4 form. Funds received by scholars, regardless of the source, are subject to US Federal and Nebraska State income tax law. The current specifications for taxation are as follows:

All support is subject to taxation. The amount of tax varies according to total income, dependency status, treaty status for international students, and individual circumstances.

Fellowship and traineeship stipends paid to US citizens and permanent residents are not subject to withholding but are considered taxable income and must be reported by the recipient.

Postdocs receive W2 forms in January and non-resident aliens will receive a 1042-S by mid to late March. These documents are sent to the mailing or home address on file with the Payroll Office. If you do not receive your W2 by January 31 or your 1042-S by March 15th, please contact the Payroll Department 559-7460.

IRS tax forms and publications 

State of Nebraska tax information