Postdoctoral Training Checklist

In chronological order

  1. Besides advertising for a postdoc position with Jobs@, please send the ad to us for posting on our website.
  2. Remind PIs to verify degrees and information on a prospective postdoc CV before sending the letter of offer.
  3. Work with the International Student Office for visas, etc. for International Postdocs.
  4. Refer prospective postdocs to our website and the Postdoctoral Scholar Handbook for information regarding salary, benefits, and obtaining a driver’s license, social security number etc.
  5. Let the candidate know Human Resources orientation must be completed upon arrival.
  6. Sign the candidate up for the postdoctoral education orientation (offered twice a year).
  7. Ask them to complete one of the RCR requirements (the CITI test, tab) within the first month of their arrival and send their certificate to the postdoctoral office.  Retain a copy for the department.
  8. Sign up for RCR seminar (offered twice ayear)
  9. Remind postdoc and mentor about the annual evaluation a month before reappointment. Note: Completion of RCR training and annual evaluation form is mandatory for reappointment.
  10. Remind them of training opportunities available on the campus.