Postdoctoral Training Checklist

Checklist - in chronological order:

   1 Besides advertising for a postdoc position with, please send the ad to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs for posting on our website.
   2 Remind PIs to verify degrees and information on a prospective postdoc CV before sending the Letter of Offer.
   3 Work with the International Healthcare Services Office for visas, etc. for International Postdocs.
   4 Refer prospective postdocs to our website and the Postdoctoral Scholar Handbook for information regarding salary, benefits, and obtaining a driver’s license, social security number etc.
   5 Let the candidate know Human Resources New Employee Orientation must be completed within the first 1-2 months of arrival. Annual Postdoc Orientation, first year postdocs only (August 18, 2020)
   6 Sign the candidate up for the postdoctoral education orientation (offered once a year).
   7 Ensure the candidate completes their mandatory RCR Workshop pre-work (CITI modules and IDP) within the first year of their arrival. Certificates can be obtained via eserv.
   8 Contact the Office of Postdoctoral Education to ensure the postdoc is signed-up for the RCR Workshop (December 1, 2020 8am-5pm)
   9 Ensure Annual Evaluation is completed via UNeVal before reappointment. Note: Completion of RCR Workshop and Annual Evaluation is mandatory for reappointment.
  10 Remind postdocs of training opportunities available on the campus.