Annual Evaluation
  1. The annual evaluation (annual  evaluation form) is to facilitate a dialogue between a scholar and mentor regarding research objectives and progress that will eventually lead to an independent career in a timely fashion.
  2. The review form is divided into two sections: scholar’s section and mentor’s section. We believe that it will be beneficial if the review process is initiated by the scholar and to provide as much information about their goals, objectives and progress before meeting with their mentor. Therefore, the scholar’s section is comprehensive and will require some thought and planning to complete the form. Following that it should not take more than 30 minutes. The scholar should give the completed form to the mentor before their meeting.
  3. The mentor completes their section before the meeting.
  4. Following discussion, the information given on the forms is revised (if needed), stapled together and signed. A copy is given to the scholar and another sent to the office of postdoctoral education.
  5. Scholars should be succinct in providing information to maximize the utilization of mentors’ time.
  6. Honors/Awards include travel fellowships, small grants etc.