Postdoctoral Scholar Categories

A postdoctoral scholar is one who has received Ph.D., M.D., or an equivalent degree from a recognized institution of higher learning and is pursuing further training under the mentorship of a UNMC faculty member. The postdoctoral scholar position is a short term advanced training position to enhance professional skills and expertise towards transition to independent careers in academics, private industries, government, law firms, policy and advocacy groups etc. The purpose of a time-bound appointment is to protect the postdoctoral scholars from an indefinite length of stay in a training position. UNMC postdoctoral scholars are supported by individual grants or training grants or external individual fellowships or a combination of these sources. The following are categories of postdoctoral scholar positions at the UNMC.

Postdoctoral Research Associate (095075): This is a postdoctoral scholar position for the first three years of the appointment. The initial appointment is full-time for one year, with possible reappointments for two additional one-year terms. The reappointment requires an annual evaluation of the performance. Postdoctoral research associates are eligible for health and life insurance benefits. They can participate in the TIAA/CREF 403(b) program on an unmatched, tax-shelter basis.

Postdoctoral Fellow (095470): This is a postdoctoral scholar position supported by individual fellowships from NIH or training grants. Postdoctoral fellows are not employees of UNMC. They work full-time under the supervision of UNMC faculty mentors and utilize UNMC facilities. As non-employees, they do not receive health benefits as part of their employment; however, they, their mentors or mentor's departments or college can purchase health insurance through the UNMC Benefits Office.

Senior Research Associate (098175): This is a postdoctoral scholar position beyond the first three years of postdoctoral scholarship or 5 years experience as a Research Associate with a doctoral degree. The extension of a postdoctoral scholar's appointment beyond three years requires the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs prior to the effective date of re-appointment. A written justification from the mentor is required for promotion to this position. Senior postdoctoral research associates are eligible for health and life insurance benefits, including retirement-plan participation.