Research at UNMC

UNMC is located on a eighty-acre campus located in the center of Omaha, Nebraska. UNMC's research laboratories are housed in 12 buildings for a total of more than a million square feet of laboratory space.
UNMC Research Centers

UNMC boasts more than 40 academic departments on campus. From lesser-known specialties like clinical perfusion to the ever-in-demand area of family medicine, our experienced faculty are committed to training the best and brightest. 
Academic Departments

Core Facilities
UNMC, along with every  College, Institute, and Department provides specialized support services for their students, faculty, staff, and researchers.
UNMC Research Core Facilities

UNMC Points of Pride

UNMC is a global bioresearch university that is at the forefront of battling the COVID pandemic.

UNMC Points of Pride, 2020-2021