Steven P. Wengel, MD


For Patient Appointments Call 402.552.6007

Clinic Practice Location:
Poynter Hall 42nd and Dewey, SW corner, 5th floor
Home Instead Center for Successful Aging, HICSA 730 South 38th Avenue

Academic Office:
985575 Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, NE  68198-5575
Phone  402.552.6002

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Doctor of Medicine, 1986

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Resident in Psychiatry, 1990

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Fellow in Geriatric Psychiatry, 1991

Hospital Appointments:
The Nebraska Medical Center

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Wengel is an Omaha native who decided to pursue psychiatry as a specialty during his third year of medical school. Being able to address both medical and psychosocial problems in patients was very appealing to him, and finding ways to bridge the gap between these two areas of his patients’ lives continues to be a source of challenge and fulfillment. Mental illness is frightening to many patients, and his calm and friendly demeanor helps ease his patients’ fears. As a geriatric psychiatrist, Dr. Wengel enjoys hearing his patients tell of their triumphs over challenges across the years and is often impressed by the resilience shown by older adults in the midst of stresses like caring for an ill spouse or facing their own health problems.

Dr. Wengel is fond of reminding his trainees that the word “doctor” comes from a Latin word meaning “teacher.” Teaching is part of every physician’s job description, in terms of providing up-to-date understanding of diseases and their treatments to patients as well as other health care providers. His philosophy of education for medical students and residents is centered around the belief that one learns best what one struggles with. In other words, as teachers, we can simply hand our students the wisdom and experience we have acquired, or we can give them thought-provoking challenges which will cause them to grapple with understanding concepts in a deeper way. In the course of this struggle, students emerge with better understanding and retention.

Dr. Wengel specializes in geriatric psychiatry. He was Chair for the Department of Psychiatry from 2005 thru February 2018. He was named in "Best Doctors in America", 2010-2011.