The University Of Nebraska Medical Center Department of Psychiatry has created a Telepsychiatry Consultation Service to provide psychiatric care to rural communities.  Telepsychiatry services are provided to underserved areas with the use of HIPPA compliant teleconferencing platforms.   

Our telemedicine services primarily provide care for the geriatric population in rural areas, especially rural long term facilities.  This service has been active over 10 years, provided care in over 60 communities and nearly 100 facilities.  Over 500 patients have been assessed and treated in that time.  For information about the Division of Geriatric Psychiatry's Nursing Home Telepsychiatry Service, please see the contact information below:

Contact to establish telehealth services:
Cali Letchworth Bahati, LPN, 402-552-6007 

At this time, the department also provides telepsychiatry services to students at an academic institution in rural Nebraska.  As our telepsychiatry services grow, we plan to expand child and adolescent telemedicine services. For more information about adult, child and adolescent telepsychiatry please call 402-552-6007.