The Anxiety Subspecialty Treatment program (AnxST)

Mission Statement 

The Anxiety Subspecialty Treatment program (AnxST) is a multidisciplinary anxiety clinic that bridges the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Department of Psychology at Nebraska Medicine. Lauren Edwards MD is the Medical Director; Justin Weeks PhD is the Psychotherapy Director. The AnxST team is comprised of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric residents, advanced practice providers, masters-level therapists, psychotherapy trainees, and a registered psychiatric nurse. We meet as a team multiple times per week to coordinate patient care and ensure optimal outcomes for our patients across the varying levels of treatment we provide. 

AnxST provides evidence-based treatment for all of the major anxiety and anxiety-related disorders:

Treatment foci primarily include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT, in both individual and group format) and medication management in accordance with expert guidelines. 

In addition to being a multidisciplinary clinic, AnxST is also a transgenerational anxiety clinic in that we provide services across all major age groups. While the majority of AnxST providers focus on adults (ranging from young adult to geriatric patients), our team includes a pediatric psychiatrist (Ryan Edwards, MD) and a pediatric psychologist (Tessa Holscher, PsyD). 

Alongside clinical services, AnxST also conducts clinically-oriented research into anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. Opportunities to participate in research are currently available.


AnxST Staff
Medical Director:
Lauren Edwards, MD

Psychotherapy Director:
Justin W. Weeks, PhD 

Tessa Holscher, PsyD 
Emaan Lehardy, PhD
Justin Weeks, PhD

Lauren Edwards, MD
Ryan Edwards, MD
Rocky Esteraich, MD 

Advanced Practice Providers:
Karli Koval, PA-C 
Joni A. Hensley, PA-C

Masters-Level Therapists:
Meagan Kankovsky, LICSW
Jason Lemen, LMHP
Kathleen Spurgin, LMHP
Karin Humenick-Cullen, LIMHP

Psychiatric Residents:
Matthew R. Kelly, MD