Geriatric Psychiatry Clinical Services

Late life is a time of transitions, with increased vulnerability to losses and illnesses that can lead to problems in memory and other cognitive abilities, emotion, and behavior. The Geriatric Psychiatry Faculty at the University of Nebraska Center has specialized training in the special physical, emotional, and social needs of older patients aged 65 and older. We provide a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment of older adults. We also offer clinical educational opportunities for medical students and residents, non-psychiatric physicians and other health providers. Our Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program trains physicians who have completed general psychiatry training and wish to specialize in geriatric psychiatry.  Active clinical trials research new medications for mood disorders and dementia, gambling disorders, and management of dementia related behavioral problems in long-term care. 

Our Nursing Home Consultation Services bring mental health care to Omaha area assisted and long-term care facilities. Our Telepsychiatry Consultation Service, under the direction of Dr Thomas Magnuson, enables patients in nursing homes and long-term care facilities across rural Nebraska to be evaluated and treated for mental health problems.  This clinical service  (Dementia in Long Term Care) is especially targeted toward the development of non-pharmacologic interventions for residents, but it also recognizes the prudent use of medications.  PLEASE NOTE - the previous link opens in a new window. 

Steven P. Wengel, MD serves as the Director of the UNMC Geriatric Psychiatry Services.

Thomas Magnuson, MD, Associate Professor
Steven P. Wengel, MD, Professor

Vicki Adolf, RN, BS
Cali Letchworth Bahati, LPN

Contact to establish telehealth services. 
Cali Letchworth Bahati, LPN,  402-552-6007

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