Current Residents

Class of 2025


Thomas Bainter, MD

University of Nebraska Medical Center


Logan Ford, MD

University of Nebraska Medical Center


Bryndis Grissom, DO

University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine


Tianqi (Nina) Luo, DO

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University


Maxwell Lydiatt, MD

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Class of 2024


Andi Ngo, MD

University of Hawaii

Why UNMC: After returning home to humid, expensive Hawaii for medical school, I found myself longing for the red autumns and white winters of Omaha once more. When I was given the opportunity to interview at UNMC, I immediately booked my flight. Their genuine commitment to well-being and education shone through every conversation I had with each member of the team. The idea of spearheading a new residency program with experienced and esteemed faculty further enticed me to return! By the time I'm done with my training, I'll have ten years of Omaha under my belt, and I'm sure I'll be adding onto that belt several more notches!

Michaelyn Everhart, MD

University of Kansas

Why UNMC: Being born and raised in Kansas, I have a deep love for the Midwest. I had visited Omaha several times prior to residency, and I was always impressed by the wide array of local restaurants and the local music scene. When I interviewed at UNMC, I knew it was the place I wanted to be. I felt this would be a program where my wellness would be put upfront, so I could focus on learning how to be the best caregiver I can be.



Emily Royer, MD

University of Nebraska

Why UNMC: We are staying in Omaha for training as this is an amazing city with a unique blend of affordable, safe, and family-friendly while still being exciting, entertaining, and innovative. As a student, I already recognized the exceptional leadership in our Psychiatry Department as I watched them rapidly expand and bring the WISE principles to life. I am excited about the immense opportunities to engage with our supportive faculty and grow alongside my awesome co-residents!


Matthew Kelly, MD

University of Nebraska

Why UNMC: I am a Nebraska native with a love of music, outdoor activities, and traveling to new places. I entered medical school intending to pursue a career in primary care but ultimately developed a passion for psychiatry, and I feel privileged to serve our patients and community. After graduating from UNMC in 2015, I spent four years working as a U.S. Navy flight surgeon and caring for the men and women serving our great country. I ultimately chose to return to Omaha to complete my psychiatry training because of the wonderful people here, the affordable cost of living, and the robust cultural scene. Nebraska Medicine is an institution that prioritizes patient-centered care and resident wellness, and I am grateful to train here under so many fantastic mentors and compassionate clinicians. 


Zachary Rupp, MD

Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine

Why UNMC: UNMC is a great place to work. The faculty and staff are very approachable; sometimes when there is a break between lectures or appointments I will stop by their office to just talk with them about life. During these moments of informal mentoring, they will discuss anything from patients to what my career goals are. Another great aspect of UNMC is my fellow residents, we are always there for each other be it the good times or the hard times. I enjoy working with them, I learn so much from them, and I can say there is never a shortage of laughter when I am around them. UNMC is a wonderful place to be, I am so thankful I work here!