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Chapter 3. Creation, Application, and Advancement of Knowledge

3.1. Research

3.1.a.1. COPH Research Descriptions

3.1.a.2. Internally Funded Projects 2011-2016

3.1.c.1. COPH PI Research Activity for FY13- FY15 *

3.1.c.2. COPH non-PI Research Activity for FY13- FY15 *

3.2. Service

3.2.a.1. CRHD Examples of Service to Community

3.2.a.2. Science Café-COPH Faculty

3.2.a.3. SLCE Placement Sites for 2013-2016 Self-Study

3.2.b. COPH Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

3.2.c. Service Activity of Faculty *

3.2.e. Student Survey 2016–MPH

3.2.e. Student Survey 2016–MS

3.2.e. Student Survey 2016–PhD

3.2.e. Student Survey 2016–Professional Certificate

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3.3. Workforce Development

3.3.a.1. DHHS Workforce Development Plan

3.3.a.2. LLCHD Needs Assessment Results

3.3.c. Instructional Matrix for Professional Certificates

3.3.d.1. Public Health Practice Council Members

3.3.d.2. Public Health Practice Council Bylaws

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Chapter 3