Accreditation Self-Study 2016: Electronic Resource File

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Chapter 4. Faculty, Staff, and Students

4.0. Faculty, Staff, and Students

4.0. Faculty CVs *

4.1. Faculty Qualifications

4.1.c. COPH Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

4.2. Faculty Policies and Procedures

4.2.a.1. COPH Governing Faculty Bylaws

4.2.a.2. COPH Policies and Procedures

4.2.a.3. COPH Employee Handbook

4.2.b. Instructional Workshops for Faculty

4.2.c. Faculty Performance Review Form

4.2.d.1. Course and Instructor Evaluation Form

4.2.d.2. Course Evaluation Process

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4.3. Student Recruitment and Admissions

4.3.c.1. COPH Student Handbook

4.3.c.2. UNMC Student Handbook

4.3.c.3. SL-CE Handbook

4.3.c.4. COPH Academic Calendar 2016-17

4.3.c.5. COPH Course Schedule Fall 2016

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4.4. Advising and Career Counseling

4.4.a. Academic Advising Contract

4.4.a. MPH Plan of Study Worksheets

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Chapter 4