University of Nebraska Kearney

Program Eligibility

Students are eligible to apply for a combined U2MPH program if:

Students must apply to the MPH graduate program, following the normal graduate admission process, and indicate on the application their desire to enter the combined U2MPH program. If a student is admitted to MPH program, then they become eligible to enroll in its combined U2MPH program.


Plan of Study

Students will be assigned an advisor from UNK and from UNMC COPH.  In consultation with their advisors, students will be required to prepare a plan of study. The plan will cover the entire undergraduate and professional program and will be reviewed each semester with the student’s advisors.  A maximum of 21 MPH credits (of the required 42 graduate credits for the MPH degree) will be counted toward the UNK undergraduate degree.


Timeline of admission to the U2MPH program

Students will be eligible to apply for admission to the U2MPH program once they have completed at least 81 undergraduate credits.  Students will take courses in the MPH program in their senior year.  Graduate level courses (21 credit hours) taken at the College of Public Health will count for undergraduate credit at UNK. 


Admission Requirements:


Tuition charges

Students will pay UNK tuition rates for courses taken at UNK. Students will pay UNMC COPH tuition rates for all professional courses taken at UNMC, including those taken prior to graduating with their undergraduate degree.  Students may need to take courses online, which has a different tuition rate from on-campus classes.  Students enrolled in the U2MPH program are eligible to receive scholarships from UNK to apply towards undergraduate tuition at UNK and UNMC scholarship or assistantship to apply towards graduate tuition at UNMC.

For more information see UNK’s website