All participants are expected to review the videos of the following two courses.

Cancer Epidemiology (2 credit hours) 

This 2-credit course will review the basic concepts of cancer etiology and carcinogenesis. It will also provide the background on socio-demographic magnitude of cancer, basic concepts of cancer biology and the causes of cancer. Methods for evaluating genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors, such as tobacco, alcohol, radiation, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, viruses and nutrition will be reviewed in lectures, student presentations, and by classroom discussion of selected publications. 

Cancer Epidemiology in Special Populations (1 credit hour) 

The focus of this 1-credit course will be on epidemiologic, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle risk factors of cancer in international and ethnically- diverse populations. Topics will include in-depth discussion of incidence, mortality, and survival of cancer in special populations, distinct aspects of environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors, and research methods for conducting epidemiologic studies on cancer in special populations. This course begins during the second half of the winter term.