All CEESP participants are encouraged to review the videos of the two 1-credit seminars:Topics in Cancer Prevention and Control.

Topics in Cancer Prevention and Control I (1 credit hour) 

This 1-credit seminar provides an overview of the current scientific basis for cancer prevention and control in humans, introduces current methods of determining risk factors along with their subsequent alteration, and suggest future opportunities through integration of selected areas of basic science with classic etiologic research in order to define and quantify risk factors. Current opportunities for early detection of preclinical cancer will also be presented. 

Cancer in Ethnically Diverse Populations (1 credit hour) 

This 1-credit seminar reviews cancer distribution in populations in the developing world and in minority populations in the United States, and it focuses on the cultural and behavioral factors in cancer epidemiologic studies in these populations. It also describes methods for establishing research infrastructures in these populations and reviews approaches to collaboration with local leaders and communities.