Critical Access Hospitals


The purpose of Project ECHO is to rapidly assist critical access hospitals in developing their capabilities to consistently implement evidence-based best practices in healthcare systems preparedness and emergency response. This is accomplished by providing a secure and confidential forum for critical access hospitals to share best practices and lessons learned about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19, emerging infectious diseases, and other relevant disasters. 

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September 2021:
ECHO Presentation September 2021
Coordinating Pediatric Medical Care During an Influenza Pandemic Workbook
Strategies for Addressing Pediatric Surge

August 2021:
ECHO Presentation August 2021
Remote Work Consideration Guide
Remote Work FAQ
Return to Campus Success Guide

To obtain access to the additional presentation material or
a recording of this session, contact Krista Brown.

July 2021:
"I am NOT wearing a mask": Verbal De-Escalation in Healthcare with Charlotte Evans, MA
To obtain access to the presentation material or
a recording of this session, 
contact Krista Brown.

June 2021:
Nebraska Legislative Update: Health Care Crisis Protocol
Health Care Crisis Protocol (NE)
Legislative Bill 139

May 2021:
CMS Rule Update Synopsis
Updated Guidance for Emergency Preparedness

April 2021:
April ECHO PowerPoint

March 2021:
Staffing Challenges PowerPoint

February 2021: