2022 CBBEID Symposia Series

2022 Symposia Series and Risk Communication and Volunteer Management Workshops

“Resilient and Reconvening” Preparedness Symposia

“Resilient and Reconvening” was the focus of the 2022 Preparedness Symposia. Sessions provided practical ideas and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies, as well as insight into the future, all with the goal of improving whole community preparedness.

Topics included:

Risk Communication and Volunteer Management Workshops

The Risk Communication sessions explored new concepts in Emergency Risk Communications within the context of the challenges experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Strategies were explored to build trust, improve message development and delivery, manage social media, combat misinformation, minimize confusion, and ensure transparency and equity.

The Volunteer Management sessions discussed the utilization of volunteers prior to and during disaster response operations. Concepts included recruitment of volunteers, legal issues and planning for both affiliated and spontaneous volunteers. Workshops covered concepts of credentialing, training, activation, engagement and retention following a participant-centered format. Sessions and workshops were hosted in Kearney and Scottsbluff in May 2022, and in Norfolk and Omaha in June 2022.