2023 CBBEID Symposia Series

2023 Symposia Series

This series will provide practical ideas and share valuable lessons learned from recent emergency responses, as well as insight into future hazards, all with the goal of improving whole community preparedness.

Topics will include:

Dates and Locations:

Pre-Conference Information

A Pre- or Post-Conference event will be held on the first or last day, respectively, of each two-day event. This day is targeted toward healthcare facilities such as hospitals, long-term care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, etc., and will provide information to help with CMS and/or Joint Commission requirements for Emergency Planning/Preparedness. (Please note: In Kearney and Scottsbluff, we will hold a Post-Conference rather than a Pre-Conference.)

Topics will include:

The agenda includes:

  1. Emergency Preparedness 101: Who is responsible for what?
  2. CMS regulations 
  3. Planning 101
    1. Based on the CMS regulations
      1. Primer on surge planning
      2. Plan review frequency
      3. Plan contents
      4. Tools that will help
  4. Exercise Development 101
    1. Testing requirements for different agencies
    2. Training requirements
    3. Testing frequencies
    4. After Action Reports
  5. Risk Communications 101
    1. What to say
    2. How to say it
  6. Business Continuity 101
    1. Major components Primer
      1. Succession planning
      2. Identifying critical functions
      3. Identifying critical personnel