Request for CCORDA Services

Requests for CCORDA services may be made by contacting the Center Director or Associate Director or by completing a request for consultation using the form below. Investigators that have previously worked with other CCORDA members may contact the center member directly. 

All requests for services will require completion of a CCORDA project request form below, which can be completed online using the form below or by any CCORDA member.

To allow sufficient time for high-quality work, early communication with CCORDA is recommended. See recommendations below.

Name of Principal Investigator:
Appointment type:
If student/resident/fellow Name of Faculty Mentor:
E-Mail (Required):
Indicate important time deadlines (abstracts, etc.):
Type of request:
IRB approval: Yes       No       Pending
If "yes", IRB approval number:
If human embryonic stem cell research, SROC approval: Yes       No

Brief description of the project:
1) Project title:
2) Cancer related: Yes      No

3) Type of support requested: Research design/development
Database development
Data acquisition and management
Clinical research ethics
Data analysis/statistical support
Research with underserved populations
Community-Based Participatory Research

4) Brief goals and description of the project: