CCORDA Service Fee

The CCORDA operates as a core facility, an entity whose primary goal is to provide a service for the convenience of researchers at University of Nebraska. Due to this classification, the center receives a limited amount of financial support from the university. Therefore, it is necessary that investigators (or their departments/units) provide funding for all services and support costs, including data management, data entry, statistical analysis, and manuscript preparation. CCORDA has three primary mechanisms for funding for collaborative research projects: direct support for named individuals on grants and contracts, CCORDA service support based on memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreements, and fee-for-service billing for non-grant funded internal projects as well as projects external to the University. Fee-for-service projects are billed hourly at the prevailing rate at the time service is rendered (FY 24: $95/hr for internal investigators; $129/hr for external investigators). Projects that fall under a MOU agreement or grant funds will not be billed under the fee-for-service mechanism. We recommend support through grants for projects needing a large amount of service time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Center Director or Associate Director.