Affiliated Faculty

The following College of Public Health faculty are currently engaged in international work:

 Cheryl Beseler

Cheryl Besler, PhD

Countries: China


Keywords: occupational and environmental health; mental health; cancer

 Eric Carnes

Eric C. Carnes, PhD

Countries: various regional partners in the Middle East and SE Asia

Keywords: PPE; environmental stability; microbiome, bioaerosols; medical countermeasures; prophylactics; nanotechnology; GMP

 Joseph Fauver

Joseph R. Fauver, PhD

Countries: Ghana


Keywords: soil-transmitted helminths; NTDs; mass drug administration; genomics

 Jocelyn Herstein

Jocelyn J. Herstein, PhD, MPH 

Countries: Egypt, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Ireland, Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Singapore, Japan


Keywords: high-consequence infectious disease; biopreparedness training; infection prevention & control; occupational health; health security

 Regina Idoate

Regina Idoate, PhD

Countries: Tribal Nations, Nigeria, Spain/Basque Region


Keywords: cancer prevention; MCH; workforce development; health literacy

 Ali Khan

Ali S. Khan, MD, MPH, MBA 

Countries: Fiji, CNMI, Bangladesh, Egypt


Keywords: COVID; measles; diphtheria; refugee health; health security

 Patrick Maloney

Patrick Maloney, PhD, MPH 

Countries: the Dominican Republic


Keywords: applied epidemiology; disaster response; outbreak response; surveillance; infectious disease epidemiology

 Sharon Medcalf

Sharon Medcalf, PhD

Countries: Qatar


Keywords: healthcare surge

 Abraham Mengist

Abraham D. Mengist, PhD

Countries: Ethiopia


Keywords: infectious disease; epidemiology; malaria; children's health

 Shireen Rajaram

Shireen S. Rajaram, PhD

Countries: Bangladesh


Keywords: gender-based violence; intimate partner violence

 Athena Ramos

Athena Ramos, PhD, MBA, MS, CPM

Countries: Lithuania, Denmark


Keywords: agricultural safety & health integration; vulnerable workers

 Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway

Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, PhD

Countries: Bangladesh


Keywords: mental health; cancer