Asregedew Woldesenbet, Ph.D.

Dr. Woldesenbet is an assistant professor at the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction (DSAEC) since 2014. Before joining DSAEC, he was a lead researcher in the Data Analytics Lab for Project and Infrastructure Management (DALPIM) at the Institute for Transportation (InTrans). During his post at InTrans, he was responsible for investigating multiple national levels and statewide research projects in the area of civil infrastructure and asset management. Dr. Woldesenbet has contributed in writing multiple proposals that brought in more than $300K of research funds to the research group. His area of expertise is in sustainable design and construction, infrastructure  management, which tends toward big data, application of data mining and business analytic tools, development of key performance indicators and prediction models, information integration; asset management, and project management information systems to improve the decision-making process and enhance productivity, project control, and cost estimation. Dr. Woldesenbet is a SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner 6 and has a SAS and OSU Business Data Mining Certificate.

Dr. Woldesenbet has three years of industry experience in the field of civil engineering, structural design, construction supervision and quality control of residential and commercial buildings. In the last two years, he has been working on modeling of buildings to analyze indoor localization algorithms as a means of navigation through integration of BIM with augmented and virtual reality systems and developing algorithms in determining distracted drivers through thermal and head image detection. In addition, he is involved in developing alternative energy harvest of biogas production prototype and sustainable materials for the construction industry with collaborators in Ethiopia. Dr. Woldesenbet received his Ph.D. in construction engineering and management from Iowa State University, master’s degree and bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Oklahoma State University and Bahir Dar University respectively.

Asregedew Woldesenbet, Ph.D.
Director, Construction Modelling, Simulation and Visualization Laboratory (CMSVL)
Assistant Professor, Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction 
College of Engineering
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

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