Affiliated Faculty & Staff

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Nate A. Bickford, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Nebraska Kearney, College of Natural and Social Science – Biology Department

Nate Bickford is a trained ecologist specializing in conservation and sustainability. He has experience is small ecosystem engineering and sustainability. He has also worked in Tanzania on a fisheries project and has a special appreciation for the need for sustainability in Africa. (See Table 1; and will create infrastructure and teaching concerning aquaponcis)

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Sonja H. Bickford, PhD 

University of Nebraska at Kearney, Department of Industrial Technology

Sonja Bickford has expertise in international business, environmental economics such as cost benefit analysis. She has worked on projects addressing multidisciplinary issues in rural communities such as the Arctic. Her work ranged from topics related to corporate social responsibility, environmental impact assessments, and community branding (See table 1,2; will create income-generating proposal for village)

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James D. Goedert, PhD, PE, FNSPE

Professor Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction University of Nebraska-Lincoln

James Goedert has several years of experience working on project in developing nations including Haiti (School & 2 composting latrines), Uganda (Rainwater harvesting), Togo (composting latrines) Mali and most recently a year in Tanzania where he served as a professor in the new Environmental Engineering program at University of Dodoma through a Peace Corps program

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Christopher Gustafson, PhD

Assistant Professor,  University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Behavioral Economics and Health Disparities

Chris Gustafson has extensive experience in Tanzania with research in food and economic decision-making, especially focused on feeding and food valuation among women, with behaviors that affect the children they feed. Human nutrition and livelihoods are central to his current research. (See table 1, will create a proposal for balancing food choices and addressing gaps, in nutrition, identified by project data)  

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Elizabeth VanWormer, PhD

Assistant Professor of Practice and One Health Coordinator, School of Veterinary  Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 

Liz VanWormer is an expert on American and East African One Health issues addressing the interface of domestic and wild animals, the environment and health. She is an epidemiologist with abilities in spatial disease modeling to investigate zoonotic disease transmission. (See table 1, modeling responsibilities for stunting data, across environmental and health measures, including animal husbandry and environment).

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Asregedew Woldesenbet, PhD

Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Asregedew Woldesenbet’s research expertise is in infrastructure asset management, data analytics and applications, development of key performance indicators, sustainable design and construction. In the last two years, he has been working in developing alternative energy harvest of biogas production prototype with collaborators in Ethiopia. (See tables 1 and 2; responsible for oversight of data collection and analysis)

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