About Us

Center for Global Health & Development


The mission of the CGHAD is to provide a vibrant program to include public health education, research and practice that will cross local and national boundaries and offer a unique opportunity for students and faculty to broaden their horizons in scholarship and to acquire skills of trans-national relevance in health and public health.


In today's world environment, the reality is that no nation can be assured of the stability in health or economic status of its population if it chooses to remain in isolation. It is not just the WHO, USAID, Asia Development Bank, the Gates Foundation alone, but visionaries, global leaders, foundations, think tanks and philanthropies have all made "Global Health" a common denominator for establishing, upholding and enhancing peace and prosperity. This important philosophy was echoed by the NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins who singled out global health as one of five areas he would like to focus on during his tenure, citing it as an example of "soft power" the United States cannot afford to pass up. He embraced this chance to be "more of a doctor to the world" than a "soldier to the world".
The Center for Global Health and Development strives to serve as the translational platform for these fundamental principles. Our ambition is for the state of Nebraska to be among the first to experience a significant global response as it emerges as an important player in all domains of health and public health.


The Goals of the Center are to: