A Message from Leadership

GH Leadership

Friends, colleagues, and visitors,   

We are pleased to reintroduce you to the Center for Global Health and Development at the College of Public Health. Since early 2022, we have worked hard to restructure and revitalize the Center with a renewed focus on global health research and student opportunities.  

It has become increasingly essential to frame health in a global context. Often, we see news headlines about an infectious disease outbreak, an increasing mortality or morbidity rate from non-communicable diseases, frequent major natural disasters, or other types of health threats from around the world. In recent decades, we have seen a shift in global health priorities. Fortunately, the number of deaths from infectious diseases, such as malaria, tuberculosis, and other vaccine-preventable diseases, has decreased. Unfortunately, the number of deaths from non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and injuries, is increasing. Many developing countries now must deal with both burdens: preventing and controlling infectious diseases while also addressing the health risks from non-communicable diseases and the environment. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of climate change have further impacted this burden. 

The Center aims to promote global learning in and outside the classroom, student and faculty opportunities, and international partnerships. It's about productive collaborations with universities, governmental agencies, communities, and individual stakeholders. These relationships are grounded in mutuality, trust, feasibility, and sustainability. The College of Public Health's geographic reach and aspirations can become more global. Working internationally and with international colleagues and achieving global impact are essential for achieving our mission. We believe, in order to support UNMC’s mission, it is imperative to engage the entire UNMC campus in global health and development. 

Uncertainty is the new norm, and the ability to navigate our complex world and workplaces is essential to today's graduates. An enhanced global health strategic vision will position the College of Public Health to address our generation's complex public health issues and engage in meaningful and impactful international partnerships. The Center aims to create resources that offer opportunities for faculty and students to embrace global health perspectives.  

As we look ahead, the Center is delighted to serve the entire college community with an innovative outlook and unified set of skills for global partnerships, educational programs, and student opportunities. Thank you for your support in furthering global health and development at UNMC. 



Abbie Raikes, PhD  

Director, Center for Global Health and Development



Wael ElRayes, MBBCh, PhD, MS, FACHE 

Co-Director, Center for Global Health and Development