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AFREhealth Newsletter

The African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREhealth) is an interdisciplinary health professional grouping that seeks to work with Ministries of Health, training institutions and other stakeholders to improve the quality of health care in Africa through research, education and capacity building. 

AIDData - Open data for International Development

We use rigorous methods, cutting-edge tools, and granular data on international development to answer the question: who is doing what, where, for whom, and to what effect?

ASTHO Public Health Review Daily Podcast

Before you start your day, get the latest insights on the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) news, announcements, and public health initiatives, via our five-minute newscast, Public Health Review Morning Edition.

ASTHO Public Health Weekly

The Public Health Weekly is ASTHO’s flagship newsletter. Disseminated on a weekly basis, it covers high-level, nationally relevant public health news, ASTHO’s work on Capitol Hill, state legislation affecting public health, interviews with ASTHO members and leaders in public health, as well as ASTHO resources, updates on ASTHO meetings and convenings, and more.

CDC Global Health Newsletter

For more than 60 years, CDC has used its scientific expertise to help people throughout the world live healthier, safer, longer lives. CDC’s Center for Global Health coordinates and manages the agency’s resources and expertise to address global challenges such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, emergency, and refugee health, non-communicable diseases, injuries, and more.

Center for Global Development: Newsletter

We work to reduce global poverty and improve lives through innovative economic research that drives better policy and practice by the world's top decision-makers. We strive for excellence and intellectual rigor and believe global prosperity starts with smart policy based on evidence. Our work is nonpartisan and our recommendations are not influenced by our funders. We are willing to challenge powerful institutions and the status quo for better development practices.

Council on Foreign Relations: Think Global Health Newsletter

Think Global Health is a multi-contributor website that examines the ways in which changes in health are reshaping economies, societies, and the everyday lives of people around the globe. The articles on this website consider the ways that health influences and interacts with broader social, economic, and demographic trends. Topics range from the growth of cities and the migration of people to the effects of climate change and trends in global agriculture to the expansion of international supply chains and the empowerment of women and girls.

Culture Crossing Guide

The Culture Crossing Guide is an evolving database of cross-cultural information about every country in the world.  This user-built guide allows people from all walks of life to share essential tips with each other about how to navigate our increasingly borderless world with savvy and sensitivity. Find topics on Greetings, Communication Styles, Gender Issues, Taboos, Dress, Socialization, and more.

Global Environmental Health

This bimonthly newsletter provides information about NIEHS' scientific, policy, training, and outreach investment and activities in GEH that is current, credible and relevant. The newsletter also highlights funding opportunities, training programs, and important events and resources for GEH.

Global Health Chronicles

The Global Health Chronicles website documents the historic and successful battle that public health professionals waged against deadly diseases such as smallpox, guinea worm, and malaria.

Global Health Council

Global Health Council is the leading membership organization devoted to advancing global health priorities by uniting advocates, implementers, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

Global Health Foundation

Health[e]Foundation provides digital health education and digital learning services, strengthening healthcare systems and communities globally.

Global Health Matters Newsletter

The Fogarty International Center at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers many ways to stay informed of its global health research and research training activities and to receive notification of key news on global health research at NIH. 

Global Health Matters Podcast

The Global Health Matters podcast provides a forum for discussing the most important global health topics of the day. Dr Garry Aslanyan, the host of our podcast, discusses thought-provoking topics such as access to medicines, science diplomacy, the future of public health programmes in a post-pandemic world, diversity in global health and many more. We feature renowned experts and emerging voices with a focus on low- and middle-income country perspectives. 

Global Health Now

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Global Health NOW is an essential daily read for anyone interested in US and global public health. Every weekday, we aggregate and summarize the latest global health news—delivering all the day’s critical stories to your inbox.

Global Health Unfiltered Podcast

The Global Health Unfiltered Podcast is a groundbreaking series that shines a light on the contributions of Africans to global health challenges and discusses decolonization from the perspective of African researchers and practitioners. The podcast was founded in response to the harmful misconception that Africa is plagued with problems and incapable of solving them without help from High-Income Countries, which fails to recognize the contributions of local leaders and communities on the continent.

Hosted by Desmond Jumbam, Ella Amoko, and Ulrick Kamounye, three passionate global health professionals, Global Health Unfiltered offers a thought-provoking perspective on global health. The podcast features insightful interviews and engaging discussions on a range of topics in global health, including health equity, infectious diseases, maternal and child health, health policy, and more.

Health Affairs Podcasts

Health Affairs, the leading journal of health policy research, offers a nonpartisan forum to promote analysis and discussions on improving health. With our podcasts, we go beyond the papers to bring you insightful discussions on the latest news and research affecting health policy today.

In conversation with...The Lancet Global Health Podcasts

Lancet editors and authors explore their research and its impact on people’s health, health care, and health policy in these regular podcasts from the Lancet family of journals.

Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report

Compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation, this free daily report synthesizes news coverage from more than 200 sources pertaining to U.S. policy discussions and debates on global health, including relevant news from around the world.

National Cancer Institute for Global Health

The Center for Global Health (CGH) supports NCI's mission to improve cancer control worldwide. CGH contributes by advancing global cancer research and training and coordinating NCI engagement in global cancer control. CGH also represents NCI in international research partnerships, playing a key role in coordinating multinational research efforts for global benefit.

National Public Radio (NPR) Global Health: Goats and Soda Newsletter

From A to Zika, get the latest global health and development news, sent weekly.

One Health Happenings

One Health Happenings is a Global One Health Community effort prepared by the One Health Commission to show the world just what all is going on for One Health around the globe.  

PLOS Global Public Health

PLOS Global Public Health addresses deeply entrenched global inequities in public health and makes impactful research visible and accessible to health professionals, policy-makers, and local communities without barriers. We will amplify the voices of underrepresented and historically excluded communities and prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels – editors, editorial boards, peer reviewers, and authors – to broaden the range and diversity of perspectives at the forefront of public health and advance the health of all humankind.

Public Health on Call

Evidence and experts to help you understand today’s public health news—and what it means for tomorrow.

The Guardian: Global Development

This website is funded by support provided, in part, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Journalism and other content are editorially independent and their purpose is to focus on global development.

The US Commitment to Global Health: Recommendations for the Public and Private Sectors

The Institute of Medicine (IOM)—with the support of four U.S. government agencies and five private foundations—convened an expert committee to investigate the U.S. commitment to global health and articulate a vision for future U.S. investments and activities in this area. While global health encompasses the health of everyone (including U.S. citizens) and is a shared global aspiration that requires the work of many nations, this report focuses on the efforts of the United States, both its governmental and its nongovernmental sectors, to help improve health in low- and middle-income countries.

This Week in Global Health Podcast

This Week in Global Health (TWiGH) is a weekly global health show where Dr. Martin and a team of qualified global health experts and SYPs (Students and Young Professionals) give a brief overview of current events and topics in the global health news space. Our panel represents the many disciplines within Global Health, and within each episode, we cover interesting topics or organizations in global health. Every week, we aim to provide more in-depth perspective on a subject, bringing in experts and highlighting different aspects of the topic, and creating a round-table environment for discussion within the panel and facilitating interaction with our online audience.

Women in Global Health

Founded in 2015 when four early career women, who initially met online, encountered an overwhelming response on social media on a range of issues.  Women in Global Health now has 41 Chapters in 36 countries, and expects to have 100 by 2023.  With around 5,500 members and 70,000 supporters in over 90 countries, we are nurses, midwives, doctors, public health professionals, health policy makers, community health workers, researchers, pharmacists and private sector health workers.