NICE – Novel - Ideas for Collaborative Entrepreneurship

Respecting diverse cultures and recognizing values in traditions is the backbone of CGHAD. However, we also recognize that departure from traditional ways of addressing our current needs and embracing innovation during our actions is the only way to address the challenges we are bound to face in the coming decades. Whether conducting an epidemiological study to quantitative or monitor health problems, designing vaccines, or increasing crop yield with less water and fertilizers, the tools at our disposal today have unfathomable power. Utilizing them appropriately needs not just an intelligent mind, but entrepreneurial skills. CGHAD will support individuals or groups worldwide with such traits and help them bring their ideas into fruition.

CGHAD is now facilitating partnerships between stakeholders from both the public and private sectors and supporting the development of appropriate and responsive services, products, and technologies. Discussion and dialogues between partners, competitive grants programs, and synergizing collaborative effort between the public and private sectors together with the academic and research communities are the few first steps taken by CGHAD to accomplish this mission.