Today’s societies around the world face a complex set of health issues that are not only affected by medical, but underlying social, behavioral, economic, and political factors. While some problems are unique to certain geographic locations, many span across local, state, and national boundaries. We have to deal with emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases as chronic disease and cancer take the center stage in every corner of the world. The impact of these evolving diseases and disabilities can only be addressed by constant vigilance combined with rigorous research and innovation. Faculty, students, and scholars at CGHAD with collaborators around the world are engaged in multidisciplinary research for the prevention and treatment of a variety of contemporary health conditions. With funding from major national, and international agencies, and philanthropies, CGHAD experts and affiliates utilize large population-based surveillance sites, mother-baby cohorts, hospitals, and laboratories across continents to discover, teach, and learn with a single mission - “to improve population health".

Irrespective of your training and background, bring your ideas to CGHAD. Utilize one of our programs or platforms, or create a new one just to foster your passion. What you learn and deliver across the globe may very well serve you and the neighborhood you live in right now.