About Us

UNMC’s Center for Health Policy is the region's only center, focused on health policy, health administration, health services research and health administration education/development.

The overarching goals of the Center for Health Policy are to promote, advance and conduct research on key issues in health policy, creating actionable policy/strategic directions, while offering current/valuable health administration educational services.

The Center for Health Policy is engaged in a wide array of health policy issues, including health care finance, federal/state health insurance reforms, health education, change management, quality improvement and patient outcomes, public health law and regulations, mental health services, public health integration, and the effectiveness of innovative health delivery models.

The Center for Health Policy initiates programs and projects for academia, government, NGO’s, private organizations, health systems and ancillary health organizations.

The Center for Health Policy is an active collaborator with internal and external partners with a focus on applied, direct action.  



The Center for Health Policy evaluates policies and conducts research to improve population health and the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system in Nebraska and the United States.


To integrate healthcare and public health to improve population health and drive best policies and practices to make Nebraska the healthiest state in the nation.