Youth Summer Intern Program
The Summer Internship Program (SIP) and Youth Expression of Health (YEOH) programs are some of the various interventions in place to address health disparities in Omaha by involving the community, and more specifically, young people who can be instrumental in changing the social conditions that contribute to health disparities.

An important goal of the SIP and YEOH programs is to involve youth in teaching their younger peers the importance of making good health choices. Peer to peer education has been documented as one of the most effective tools in addressing risky behavior, including choices about health.

Research continues to show that minorities are under-represented when it comes to health careers. A main goal of this project is to encourage enrollment in health education and/or health professions programs post-secondary school.

Funding for the SIP program is sponsored by the Vice Chancellors Office of Research, and YEOH is sponsored by the Nebraska DHHS, Metro Community Credit Union and Black Family Health and Wellness Association.