UNMC Student Response Team

The mission of the UNMC Student Response Team is to promote future public health leadership by providing students with hands-on training and experiences in outbreak response and emergency preparedness. We instruct students on specific roles in public health, medical, and volunteer response to a disaster or public health emergency and train to deploy in Nebraska and Western Iowa. This organization gives students the opportunity to network with professionals and other students in public health.

The Student Response Team is trained in three different areas:

  1. Epidemiology Outbreak Team: Assist local health departments with outbreak investigation and control (e.g. interviews, data entry)
  2. Points of Dispensing (POD) Assistance Team: Assist public health emergency response coordinators with mass dispensing or immunization clinics (e.g. greeters, screeners, dispensers, immunizers)
  3. Digital Response Team: Assist volunteer agencies in systematic monitoring of social media (e.g. data mining, verification, mapping)

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