Current PhD Students

Meet our current PhD students and their research interests:

Jonathan Ali

Activational and organizational effects of environmental endocrine disruptors on sexual development in a small fish model, the fathead minnow. His research has also explored the toxicological impacts of agrichemical runoff on freshwater ecosystems...

Nene Azubuike

Laboratory risk assessments, occupational medicine, agricultural health...

Doris Burns

Comprehensive specification of protective gloves based on hazard analysis...

Josie Ehlers

Agricultural worker health and safety, occupational risk assessment and management, physical and chemical exposures in the work environment including noise exposures and hearing loss, dermal exposures and skin sensitization, respiratory exposures and occupational asthma...

Joselyn Herstein

Highly infectious diseases, infectious disease preparedness and response, infection control training of non-healthcare workers, global high-level isolation units, environmental health...

Tai Hoang

Environmental and occupational health, public and global health, indoor air quality, chemical exposure, infectious and chronic diseases...

Bodhisattwa Mondal

Prevention of estrogen initiated cancers...

Zijian Qin

Air quality, environmental epidemiology, and occupational injury...


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