Current PhD Students

Meet our current Post Doc & PhD students and their research interests:

Post Doctoral

150sarahscales.pngSarah Scales, PhD, MPH

Her research interests are at the crux of hazards, conflict, and health. Her current research focuses on the use of epidemiologic methods to assess the human-health impacts of climate-related hazards. She is particularly interested in the effects of disasters and conflict on the health of displaced populations.

PhD Students

Alexandra Farfalla, MA, MPH, Field Research Associate

Specific research focus on increasing farmers’ use of personal protective equipment with general interests in agricultural health and occupational exposures related to farming and ranching. Part-time student pursuing doctoral degree in Environmental and Occupational Health...

Qianqian (Qianting) Li, MSc, PhD

Interested in environmental epidemiology, health geography, climate health, and fungal diseases. Specific research focus on integrating geoscience technologies and statistical methodology including spatio-temporal statistics, machine learning and other statistical methods into the study of environmental health issues...

Ikenna Orji, MSc

Interested in environmental exposure assessments and evaluating control measures. Specific research focuses on examining the performances of various exposure control measures and comparing different environmental exposure monitors in agricultural settings.

Sarah Tucker, MS

Interested in investigating environmental contaminant related exposures in agriculture and military communities. Specific research focus on poly- and per-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in Nebraska drinking water.


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