Current PhD Students

Meet our Current PhD students and their research interest:

Saber Ali Amin

Cancer or infectious disease. Since my long-term goal is to work in the resource limited countries, I think infectious diseases are very important in those areas...

Nada Alnaji

Global Health, Health in crisis, Refugee Health, Mental Health...

Saad Alshahrani
Trisari Anggondowati

Brittney Corley

I am interested in cancer epidemiology, particularly use of registry data, and survivorship research... 

Poppy Elvira Deviany

Maternal, neonatal and child Health, monitoring and evaluation of health program, lung cancer, cancer studies...

Tommy George


Sidra Liaquat

Cancer and infectious diseases...

Zaeema Naveed

The knowledge of the public health domain, if applied correctly, can very well alleviate the standards of living in any settings and especially in a developing country like my own...

Minh Nguyen

Kate Rieke

Associations between mental illness and chronic disease, Social influences of health behavior, Health disparities in mentally ill populations...

Ketki Patel
Youngyue Qi

Shamim Shahi

Cancer Epidemiology

Brittney Smith

My research interests include epidemiology of cancer and the infectious agents that can cause cancer.  Specifically, I am interested in studying these factors among international populations in developing countries...

Samwel James Sumba

Epidemiology and Biostatistics are two of my passions. Particularly, I am interested in Cancer Epidemiology...

Lisa Weissenburger-Moser

Li Westman

Cancers, social economic related behaviors, decision making under uncertainty, & nutrition...

Kerui Xu



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