Intro to Health Disparities & Health Equities

Students enrolled in the Introduction to Health Disparities and Health Equity course were asked to create documentary videos that apply the concepts and theories learned in class to a topic of their choice. The topic was required to represent a health disparity within a defined population. 

Students were given an option - they could either conduct their own research investigation to share new and insightful information and perspectives that provide a deeper understanding of the health disparity topic, or they could identify underlying causes for their chosen health disparity, review major interventions aimed at reducing/eliminating the health disparity, and provide suggested solutions for reducing or eliminating their chosen health disparity. 

Please watch the following videos that represent the superb work of our students at UNMC College of Public Health. While all submissions were great, these eight videos in particular were chosen for their excellence in presenting analytical perspectives on important public health issues through an engaging visual medium.

Shannon Maloney, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Health Promotion

Meghin Foster - Health Disparities Among Individuals Experiencing Homlessness

Minden Huntrods - The HIV Epidemic & MSM

Maxwell Lawlor - The Intersection Between Pedestrian Traffic Deaths &
Systemic Racism Against African-Americans

Jennifer Steventon - Health Disparity of Chronic Disease in Rural Populations

Bibiana Carvajal Suarex - Mayans in the Midwest: Acculturation Stress Shaping their Health Status

Ashleigh (Galles) Sutphen - Childhood Lead Disparities in Omaha, Nebraska

Sophia Yelkin - Mental Health Disparities in Nebraska

Emily Berzonsky - Hard Times: An Exploration of Food Insecurity Disparities in Omaha, NE during the COVID-19 Pandemic