Kidsights Data


Kidsights Data establishes new insights on infants and young children from birth to age 5 to encourage data-driven decision making.

ksd-tag-logo.pngKidsights Data is an initiative to build demand for the adoption and use of a population-based early childhood measurement tool for children from birth to age 5. Kidsights Data developed the Kidsights Measurement Tool to collect data on child development that can track development in children from birth to age 5 in the United States, offering for the first time a view into how American children are developing in the crucial early childhood years. 


The Kidsights Measurement Tool is a parent-report measure, usually completed in an online survey, to measure typical early development at the population level within the United States. The data from the Kidsights Measurement Tool is a new and valuable resource for understanding how infants and children are developing in a defined geographic area. Kidsights results can be used to report on overall development for groups of children when measured in the context of factors associated with disparities, such as family income, education, geography and other family characteristics. Once these insights are available, decision makers in programming, public health, philanthropy, legislators and others will have access to a previously unknown set of data that can help guide decision making.