Presentations & Testimonials

Student Testimonials: 

Students were asked to describe their most significant learning experience and how the learning experience would be applicable to their public health career.

Advice From Current APEx students:

APEx Ignite Presentations 

Student Name: Ashleigh Galles
Partner Organization: CityMatCH
Title: Communication is Key
Description: My APEx experience with CityMatCH was unique in providing me with the lesson on communicating effectively in MCH. There are endless amounts of data, resources, information, deliverable updates, and trainings that all need to be communicated to the members of CityMatCH and it must be done well. That itself is a challenge and COVID-19 added a new level of challenges in communicating virtually through newsletters, Zoom, online platforms, and other online formats. This challenged my current skills in communication and helped them grow and flourish throughout this experience.

Student Name: Sean Jackson
Partner Organization: Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board, Emergency Operations Center
Title: We Are Warriors: The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for Great Plains Area Tribes
Description: This APEx project was conducted with the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The video provides a broad overview of the EOC, its activities, and, the student's activities and experience.

Student Name: Sophia Yelkin
Partner Organization: Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
Title: COVID-19 PPE Inventory Response
Description: Working with the COVID-19 PPE Inventory Response Team at Lincoln-Lancaster County proved a learning experience different than anything else in my public health background.  I was able to observe and contribute to community needs in response to the coronavirus pandemic, being the primary source for user requests through the electronic PPE Request System.  My abilities to develop engaging materials for the public was quickly noticed and utilized throughout my time working on the COVID-19 PPE Inventory Response team.  I appreciate the experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of responding to a global pandemic.

Student Name: Jessica Hicks
Partner Organization: North Central District Health Department
Title: Creating a Mental Health Campaign for the NCDHD Community
Description: For my APEx project, I worked with NCDHD in O'Neill Nebraska. I helped create social media campaign materials that will bring awareness and education about mental health to their community. A survey was then created to get community feedback on the materials. This project will help NCDHD meet accreditation requirements.

Student Name: Korine (Korie) Nelson 
Partner Organization: Garrett County Health Department, MD
Title: A Summer of Experience (and how we got prison names)
Description: I worked in the Health Education and Outreach division of the Garrett County Health Department. I was on-site for one day a week for 2 months and did the rest virtually. I produced 3 products and was able to help in 2 community testing events for COVID-19. I did various tasks, learned a lot, sharpened my public health skills, and experienced a wonderful work environment. 

Student Name: Thomas Bainter
Partner Organization: Alzheimer's Association, Nebraska Chapter
Title: Advocating for Individuals Living with Dementia Through Public Health
Description: I partnered with the Alzheimer's Association Nebraska Chapter with Terry Streetman, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy. I learned quite a bit about policy, advocacy, and the legislative process, as well as how to use health and epidemiological data to communicate with policymakers and stakeholders. I also gained firsthand experience with how these organizations respond in the face of a crisis, and was able to adapt the project somewhat to be able to help provide information to their constituents due to changing needs. I had a great experience and would recommend partnering with the Nebraska Chapter to anyone planning their APEx project.