Presentations & Testimonials

Student Testimonials: 

Students were asked to describe their most significant learning experience and how the learning experience would be applicable to their public health career.

Advice From Current APEx students:

APEx Ignite Presentations 

Student Name: Katie Gottschalk 
Partner Organization: Omaha Refugee Task Force
Title: Applied Practice Learning with The Omaha Refugee Task Force
Description: My experience highlighted what it means to engage in community led efforts to improve population health. Public health experts worked together to engage the community and address health disparities in vulnerable and special populations. Collaboration efforts benefited when partner organizations brought different resources and perspectives to the table. 



Student Name: Lyndsey Dannenberg 
Partner Organization: Hawai'i Maternal and Infant Health Collaborative
Title: Hawai'i Maternal and Infant Health 
Description: My APEx was a wonderful experience with the Hawai'i Maternal and Infant Health Collaborative. My preceptor was very helpful, accessible, and encouraging. I was able to create an infographic addressing pregnancy, breastfeeding, and COVID-19 vaccination as well as conduct a needs assessment/survey for women who deliver at the Tripler Army Medical Center.



Student Name: Mohamed Keita 
Partner Organization: Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board, Epidemiology Center
Title: We Are Warriors: The Epidemiology Center for Great Plains Area Tribes
Description: This APEx project was conducted with the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board Epidemiology Center. The video provides a broad overview of the epidemiology center, its activities, and the student's activities and experience. 


Student Name: Axel A. Vazquez Deida
Partner Organization: El Rio Health
Title: Promoting Health & Wellness
Description: For my APEx, I worked with the Health Builders Team and El Rio Health. Throughout my experience, I had the opportunity to develop an educational video library on diabetes prevention and management. In addition, I was able to develop and administer a survey to assess the impact of a local food distribution on health eating as well as better understand the nutritional needs of the community members. Overall, my APEx enabled me to be actively engaged in health promotion and allowed me to further strengthen essential skills for public health professionals. 



Student Name: Troy Suwondo 
Partner Organization: Southeast District Health Department
Title: Community Health Needs Assessment Development for Southeast Nebraska
Description: My APEx experience has greatly impacted me and helped develop my skills as a future public health official. It was very interesting to see all the different problems and strengths in the different counties. Each county was unique as well as the people that participated in the focus groups. I learned a lot about what it is like in Southeast Nebraska and the problems in a rural community. 


Student Name: Ashleigh Galles
Partner Organization: CityMatCH
Title: Communication is Key
Description: My APEx experience with CityMatCH was unique in providing me with the lesson on communicating effectively in MCH. There are endless amounts of data, resources, information, deliverable updates, and trainings that all need to be communicated to the members of CityMatCH and it must be done well. That itself is a challenge and COVID-19 added a new level of challenges in communicating virtually through newsletters, Zoom, online platforms, and other online formats. This challenged my current skills in communication and helped them grow and flourish throughout this experience.

Student Name: Christian Marquez
Partner Organization: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Emergency Health Systems
Title: CPR Training Programs in Nebraska
Description: In this experience, I was responsible for creating two items: A survey and a data report. The survey I created was sent out to all public high school students in Nebraska which assessed the quality and depth of current CPR programs as well as the frequency and what current roadblocks existed for schools without CPR programs. In the report I summarized the results of the survey and created recommendations for legislation/implementation.


Student Name: Korine (Korie) Nelson 
Partner Organization: Garrett County Health Department, MD
Title: A Summer of Experience (and how we got prison names)
Description: I worked in the Health Education and Outreach division of the Garrett County Health Department. I was on-site for one day a week for 2 months and did the rest virtually. I produced 3 products and was able to help in 2 community testing events for COVID-19. I did various tasks, learned a lot, sharpened my public health skills, and experienced a wonderful work environment.