The History of GPPHLI

The Great Plains Public Health Leadership Institute (GPPHLI) began in 2005 as an initiative of The Nebraska Educational Alliance for Public Health Impact (NEAPHI)—a group of representatives from numerous academic and practice organizations concerned with Nebraska’s public health workforce training and education who explored joint interests. Initial funding for GPPHLI came from the Nebraska Health and Human Services System’s Health Care Cash Fund, Robert Wood Johnson, and the University of Iowa’s Upper Midwest Public Health Training and Upper Midwest Public Health Preparedness Centers.

Since its inception, GPPHLI has trained over 200 professionals in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota who care about the future of the public's health. Currently residing within the University of Nebraska Medical Center's College of Public Health, the GPPHLI is entering its 12th year of providing leadership development for a broad cohort of stakeholders from governmental public health, to insurance companies, from community health centers to civic and elected leaders.