Certificate in Health Policy

The Certificate in Health Policy is designed to develop future policy analysts in health care and public health.  Ongoing domestic and global health challenges are in need of sustainable policy solutions and it is important to have a trained workforce that can evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of new policies.  The successful completion of the certificate in Health Policy will enable graduates to prioritize health concerns, develop evidence based policies, and address major public health issues.  This professional certificate program is intended for graduate level students, public health professionals, and health care providers who seek graduate level health policy training. 

Program Requirements

Core Curriculum

A total of 18 credit hours are required for completion of the Certificate in Health Policy

Core Courses: 18 Credit hours

CPH 502 Health Services Administration  3 cr hrs
CPH 505 Applied Research in Public Health 3 cr hrs
CPH 555 Public Health Law 3 cr hrs
CPH 556 Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation 3 cr hrs
CPH 564 Health Economics  3 cr hrs
CPH 566 Health Policy 3 cr hrs
Total Credits:  18 cr hrs